BHP Large After Tax Profit.

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The mining giant BHP Billiton has delivered a large after tax profit far outstripping its nearest competitors. Their main products include iron ore, petroleum and coal and with the recovery of the economy sales have been good. One strategy was to invest during the downturn and while the current profit is not their highest to date it is well above last years.


For South Australia this means that the Olympic Dam expansion is still on track to start in two years time. This will make the Olympic Dam site one of the biggest copper mines in the world and help bring more employment opportunities into the State.



With this type of continuing investment in South Australia the opportunities for the regional centers also increase. Locations like Ceduna become more attractive for the investor who is looking for an investment property. More workers in the mines means more people looking for a vacation spot for their off time. As the big cities become less attractive and more expensive some workers will be looking for a property where they can go to relax. Ceduna provides an ideal location for this.

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