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Iluka Opening News

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South Australia’s next major mine will be operating before the end of this year. “We’ve got a pretty fair chance of starting before Christmas”, the South Australian head of Iluka Resources, Hans Umlauff, said of the company’s mineral sands project in the state’s Far West.

If Iluka achieves this goal, it will have built its mine nearly six months ahead of schedule and up to $20 million below its budget of $420 million.

Construction proceeded rapidly after Iluka received a mineral lease in July last year and the company set a target of opening in the first half of 2010.

“The Eucla Basin will be a major new province and become the centre of Australia’s mineral sands industry for the next 50 years”. Paul Holloway. Minister of Planning & Development.

“Iluka has been spending serious amounts of money in the area.” Ceduna Mayor Allan Suter.

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Mining, New, Opportunityon April 21st, 2010Comments Off on ILUKA RESOURCES OPENS NEW MINE


February 9, 2010

Iluka Resources has officially opened a $390 million mine on South Australia’s west coast, a project the state government says will establish SA as a major world supplier of mineral sands.

The Jacinth-Ambrosia mine is capable of producing 300,000 tonnes of zircon a year, contained in heavy mineral concentrates.

It has combined resources of 9.5 million tonnes of heavy mineral sands with more than four million tonnes of zircon.

“It’s significance is that this deposit’s combination of size and high zircon quality makes it the richest known zircon deposit in the world,” Premier Mike Rann said when opening the mine on Tuesday.

Mr Rann said the new mine would provide jobs and a major economic boost to the Eucla Basin, on SA’s west coast.

“Iluka Resources has brought jobs and infrastructure to this part of the state, including jobs for the indigenous people of the region,” he said.

“This multi-million dollar mining investment in the past three years has boosted local businesses and employment”

Iluka Resources employed 280 people during the construction phase and currently has a workforce of 75.

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