Ceduna Waters and Fishing

Ceduna is just a tiny town in South Australia’s West Coast Region, and many people probably have not even heard of it! However, this is increasingly changing because the tiny town is acquiring a greater and greater reputation as a great fishing location. It is located in the northwest corner of the Eyre Peninsula and faces the Nuyts Archipelago islands. This place is recognized for playing a material though small role in the overall development of Australia, on account of it being a hub for fishing as well as a railroad hub.

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In essence, it is more than worth your while to travel as long as it takes to get to Ceduna because the fishing that you will encounter here will surpass your wildest dreams. Since Ceduna is somewhat out of the way in terms of location, you will clearly have to travel a far distance to get here, yet it is absolutely more than worth it when you consider that you will, simply put, experience some of the greatest fishing anywhere. This fishing spot should particularly appeal to you if you work in the mines, as fishing is an ideal way to unwind and enjoy life.

Fishing Conditions

The fishing conditions in Ceduna are just about perfect for amateur anglers as well as experienced and seasoned fishermen. That is why Ceduna is such an increasingly popular fishing spot, of course! As far as the fishing conditions go, all you really have to worry about is the wind. That’s right…the wind! When you are fishing in Ceduna’s waters, you will normally notice some prevailing winds coming in from the west, and the onshore and southerly winds are generally going to get a bit stronger as the day goes on. That’s it! Other than that, you really have nothing to worry about with regard to the fishing conditions, especially if you are on a fishing boat!

Fish types and Bait links

Any good fisherman full well understands that having the right bait can either make or break his fishing success. When it comes to the idyllic waters of Ceduna, there are actually just two kinds of bait that make for effective bait in these waters: squid and a type of bivalve shellfish that the locals lovingly refer to as “Razor Fish.” Squid is an effective and all-purpose bait since it can be readily and easily obtained in just about any supermarket or sports store in the little town. What the locals affectionately know as “Razor Fish” is actually a bivalve shellfish that is great for catching the area’s local delicacy, which is King George Whiting. This type of local delicacy has a reputation for being caught quite often on South Australia’s far west coast; you’ll need a fishing boat to get to these.

Aside from King George Whiting, there is also an abundance of other kinds of fish in Ceduna’s waters. The waters in this spot are usually both calm and sheltered, which makes them ideal places in which to catch salmon, garfish, snook, trevally and tommy ruffs. According to none other than the Sydney Morning Herald, you can also expect to catch leatherjackets, silver drummer, mullet, sweep and mulloway, too. You can even catch your fair share of sharks such as white pointers, hammerheads, bronze whalers, gummy sharks and even school shark.

Of course, there is a host of fishing tours available, and many of them leave quite early in the morning, like 8:30 am. The cost per adult can be more than $100, though there may be special rates available for children. This all varies based upon the specific tour provider. Some tours even provide deep sea fishing possibilities, weather permitting and in season, naturally. If you go on one of these deep sea fishing tours, it would not be unusual to catch some blue fin tuna, nannygai, snapper, Samson, barracuda and blue morwong.

Properties in the Area

When you fall in love with Ceduna, you may eventually consider buying some property here so that you can keep returning to this lovely fishing spot as much as you want to. Having a property in Ceduna can mean that you can very efficiently store your boat fishing gear with no hassle at all. In sum, the Ceduna waters in this part of Australia are a second-to-none fishing location, and you are missing out by not regularly visiting.

Long View Of Ceduna Waters Beach

Long View Of Ceduna Waters Beach

Now is a great time to invest, property prices are very reasonable for the size. With enough space to build big boat sheds.

Escape the city, with your own fishing retreat.  Even a great place for the family while your working at the mines.

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