Iluka Resources

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Iluka Resources

The most recent project implemented in the area is a $420 million mine called Jacinth-Ambrosia some 200 km northwest of Ceduna Waters. Operated by Iluka Resources, this mine is expected to establish South Australia as a major world supplier of mineral sands.

Jacinth-Ambrosia expects to employ 110 personnel during operation.

“It’s significance is that this deposit’s combination of size and high zircon quality makes it the richest known zircon deposit in the world,” Premier Mike Rann said when opening the mine.

Mr. Rann also said that “This multi-million dollar mining investment in the past three years has boosted local businesses and employment”.

In addition to that, Iluka have discovered a number of other mineral sands deposits in the Eucla Basin including Tripitaka, Gullivers, Dromedary, Typhoon and Mojave. The uranium potential of the Eucla Basin is also being evaluated by Iluka.

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