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What is Ceduna all about? Ceduna is a small, coastal and resort town that is located South Australia’s West Coast region. Looking at the islands of the Nuyts Archipelago, Ceduna is a great place in which to raise a family or even to take your family for regular holidays or just for a quick jaunt when moms and dads have some time off. The Ceduna lifestyle is one that combines ample amounts of low crime, good schools, a favorable cost of living measurement, beautiful parks and playgrounds and, in general, a ton of fun that families can explore together in this small, coastal town.

Ceduna is a really small town, which is precisely what makes it such a great place in which to raise a family or just to escape for some weekend fishing opportunities. With a population of just about 2000 people, this town is actually the final, significant settlement that travelers will encounter before they go across the Nullarbor Plain from the direction of east to west. What makes Ceduna so attractive for coastal holidays is its myriad of offshore islands, sheltered bays and even sandy coves. There is even a jetty there that you just cannot miss, and it good for fishing, walking and for accommodating several small boats.

As far as the schooling situation is concerned, Ceduna features just two schools: the Ceduna Area School and the Crossways Lutheran School. The Ceduna Area School has around 600 kids, ranging in age anywhere from Reception to Year 12; its student body is made up of about one-quarter indigenous kids. On the other hand, the Crossways Lutheran School has just 150 students that range in age anywhere from Reception to Year 10, and 80 percent of its student body is comprised of indigenous kids.

On the issue of crime, families can also rest easy there because Ceduna is a very safe place in which to raise a family and take a family for things such as vacations. Ceduna is part of an LGA or a local government area. As you may expect, because Ceduna is a town of barely 2000 people, serious crime or crime of any nature hardly or never happens in this little town by the coast! To briefly get into this in a little bit more detail, there have been no incidents of any serious crime in Ceduna; this information is based on statistical data from the timeframe of 2007 to 2008 that comes from Australia’s MyBoot website about local city data in the country.

To wit, there were absolutely no incidents of felonies as serious as murder, robbery, rape, assault or kidnapping and abduction in Ceduna for the 2007 to 2008 period of time. By comparison, in nearby Victoria, which is a state in Australia, the number of murders was 3, the number of rapes was 30, the number of robberies was 64, the number of assaults was 596, and the number of kidnappings and abductions was just 6.

Of course, there is also a lot to do for Ceduna families, which is precisely why the Ceduna lifestyle is so attractive to people from all walks of life. A fair amount of what to do in Ceduna is based on the availability of a lot of beautiful and natural parks. For example, the Nullarbor National Park is located a few hundred kilometers from Ceduna, and it is not uncommon to spot majestic whales from the viewing areas that are open to members of the public. Besides parks, families can also whale-watch at a place such as the Head of Bight, which is on the far west coast of the country. For people who are new to the area, there are many Ceduna tours that they can take, which bring them to the most appealing tourist areas in the vicinity.

Compared to other towns nearby, Ceduna is far superior when it comes to your basic cost of living considerations. This includes places such as Thevenard and even Norseman.

As you can see, the Ceduna lifestyle is exceptionally safe, being virtually free of crime. It is also a great place for families to come and play, what with all of the parks and the natural wonders on display, such as the whale-watching opportunities that abound.

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