Ceduna Waters for Singles

Escape to the tranquility of Ceduna Waters, your own slice of Australia.

Ceduna Waters for Singles

Ceduna, which is a great fishing town that is located in South Australia, is becoming more and more popular with people who are looking for an escape to the coast. It is also increasing in popularity with miners, who work at the nearby Olympic Dam, which is owned and administered by the giant mining company BHP Billiton. However, miners do not have to have families of their own to enjoy all of the perks and benefits that can be found by living in Ceduna. This small town in the West Coast region of the country offers a lot to see and do even for miners who are single. Let us look at some Ceduna for miners activities in this small town.

First of all, Ceduna is very popular with people of all ages, and one of the reasons for this has to do with the extremely low rate of crime in this coastal town. Whether miners have families or not, they can all appreciate a location that is safe for them to live in.

Of course, living in Ceduna means that single miners will get to enjoy a host of fun activities that they can do in and around town. This includes the usual fun stuff that you can expect in a coastal town, such as a good deal of fishing and nice parks in which you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. In terms of fishing opportunities, Ceduna is overflowing in abundance in this respect. Single miners who enjoy fishing can expect to catch species such as Garfish, Tommy Ruff, King George Whiting and even Salmon. If they utilize a boat, they can even get their hands on Snook as well as Snapper.

Single miners can also get their fill of the Endeavour Walking Trail, which begins at the Ceduna Sailing Club. On this Trail, folks can enjoy the beautiful and rugged Australian coastline until it finally terminates at the Pinky Point Lookout.

In terms of the cost of living compared to other nearby towns, Ceduna is simply a better value, bar none.

Single miners should not be put off by the fact that Ceduna is a fishing town that a lot of miners utilize as a nice, coastal getaway because it also offers its fair share of nightlife options! Certainly, when single miners have their off weeks from work, they would clearly love to enjoy some of the nightlife that can be found within this small town, too.

If single miners enjoy their karaoke, they can head to the Ceduna Oyster Bar, which is a karaoke bar that is located right in the heart of the action of this small town! Additionally, single miners can also enjoy the nightlife at the Nullarbor Hotel Motel, which has a pub for all of the winding down that single miners want to enjoy during their off weeks in Ceduna.

As is plain to see, the Ceduna for miners activities in this small town encompass family activities as well as those things of a more adult nature.

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