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We at Ceduna Waters have compiled a list of mines with distances to assist you, we hope it helps you get the most from your new residence.

Ceduna Mining and Jobs

For those looking to get into the mining industry, the idea of flying in to work from the other side of the country can seem intimidating. Travel can take days, and make opportunities to see your family rare. If you’re looking to relocate to a seaside town that is closer to your work, Ceduna is right for you.

Why Ceduna?

Purchasing a home in Ceduna, South Australia, will give your family the closeness that you desire without the hassles, crime rates and costs of living in the larger cities. This will keep your family safer while you are away at work.

The proximity to many large mining operations means that you will be able to spend more time with your family on your off weeks. Living in Ceduna will result in fewer tooth fairy visits missed and more excited hugs for when you come home. Your partner will be happier to have you around more often as well.

Many people have successfully relocated to Ceduna while working in the mines around the area. These workers are often happier because they are closer to home, and more satisfied with their mining jobs because of it. Ceduna is the perfect place to start over.

Finding A Mine

To help you get started in finding local mining jobs, here are a list of some of the most common mines in the area, along with links to their ownership sites and some information about becoming part of their team:

Under 500 km Distance

  • Lake MacDonnell Mine – located just to the west of Ceduna, this operation is Australia’s single largest gypsum mine. Contact information is provided on the website, and all inquires about employment should be directed accordingly.
  • Jacinth – Ambrosia Mine – located about 200 km from Ceduna, this mining sands operation looks for educated and qualified miners with a knowledge of computers. Leadership skills and being able to motivate others are important to the parent company.
  • Middleback Ranges Mine – located 400 km from Ceduna, this open pit operation mines iron, magnetite and hematite ore. They are interested in applicants who would be serious about starting a career and enjoy challenging work. They ask that all applicants be well-educated for their career path.
  • South Middleback Ranges Mine – located just next door to the Middleback Ranges Mine, the South Middleback Ranges Mine is owned by the same company as its sister. This open pit operation focuses on only iron ore deposits. They require all applicants to be qualified for the position they are applying for.
  • Flinder’s Zinc Mine – located about 500 km from Ceduna, this zinc operation provides mining jobs to many. This company enjoys keeping their employees satisfied, and boasts that they frequently provide promotions and advancements as they are rightfully earned by the employee. Individuals who are motivated, dedicated to starting a career, and creative thinkers are encouraged to apply.

Over 500 km Distance

  • Beverly Mine – located about 510 km from Ceduna, this uranium operation is always seeking applications from qualified and highly educated individuals. They prefer to operate on a trust system, where supervision is kept at a minimum and you are allowed to do the work you need to do. They offer meals and accommodations on site to all workers.
  • Ardrossan Mine – Located 560 km from Ceduna, this operation offers more than just mining jobs . They produce dolomite from a quarry, and then processes it on site in their crushing plant before shipping it out for use elsewhere.
  • Oraparinna Mine – Located 630 km from Ceduna, this barite mine concentrates on the respect that you deserve while working, and expects this respect to be shown to your co-workers as well. Applicants must be motivated and willing to learn.
  • Olympic Dam Mine – located 700 km from Ceduna, this is the world’s largest single uranium deposit. They also produce a large amount of silver and gold. Experienced and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.
  • Challenger Gold Mine – located 700 from Ceduna, this gold mine is almost due north of the city, but must be accessed by an alternative route. Flying in is a popular way to reach the work site, as it is located 310 km from the nearest main road. The parent company is always seeking motivated and safety oriented individuals to join their team.

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